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For more than two decades, the PRISM team has been serving the complex fiduciary obligations of plan sponsors. The institutions we serve are as varied as their needs. And, our in-depth knowledge of the risks, intricacies, and regulatory guidelines of the retirement business has helped protect them. 

Our in-house investment professionals, plan specialists, and ERISA experts have guided plan sponsor decisions, developed retirement plans, and have given plan participants the best possible opportunities for viable retirements.

Most importantly, our retirement plan clients have been with us for an average of 10 years. That says something about us. But don’t take it from us, take it from them. We’d be happy to arrange for you to speak with our clients as part of your search process.

In short, we’re not just our clients’ retirement plan consultants; we’re their retirement plan partners. We want to be yours, too.

Read on for more information on the services PRISM can bring to your plan.

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Retirement Plan Consulting

Put our Experience to Work for You

Retirement plan consulting is one of the pillars on which PRISM was built. It’s also one of our most frequently requested services. We offer a comprehensive roster of services that will help identify which plan is best for you and you company, including 404(c) compliance review; plan design; participant education; cost and fee analysis; vendor and plan benchmarking; compliance consulting; vendor negotiations, and more. We’d love to show you how PRISM’s retirement plan model has been successfully implemented and managed by us in organizations just like yours. So, If your current plan isn’t living up to your expectations, even if it is, reach out and get to know us because selecting a retirement plan fiduciary is the most critical decision you’ll ever make for your plan.


Retirement Plan Investment Consulting

Invest in Our Expertise

A retirement is only as good as the investments within it. PRISM’s retirement plan investment consulting services and our fully diversified investment menu will help guide you to the most prudent choices for your company, with us serving as your trusted 3(31) and 3(28) fiduciary advisor. But, our services don’t stop there. Once we’ve selected your plan’s investment options, we’ll be with you every step of the way, monitoring the investment choices to ensure they’re meeting expectations, performing manager due diligence, and measuring the performance of your plan’s investment. We’ll also provide you with regular market commentary to give you a sense of what’s happening in the broad markets.

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Participant Education, Advice, and Financial Planning

Informed Participants = Happy Retirees

One of PRISM’s hallmarks is ensuring that information and advice is provided not only to plan sponsors, but to plan participants as well. Why? Because we want every one of your employees to have as much actionable investment information as possible to help guide them on the way to their retirements. To that end, we help individual participants customize their own plans based on funds in the lineup, we offer full financial planning services from our in-house Certified Financial Planner, and customized education to keep participants fully in the know. And, our Guidance Team is on standby to help particpants with one-on-one advice and direction on budgeting, taxes social security timing, estate planning, and college savings. Best of all, this is all done on a complimentary basis, so it won’t cost your employees a single penny.

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Fiduciary Services

Let’s Take This Journey Together

PRISM is a full-service firm, and that means we take care of every aspect of our relationship with you from the moment we start working together. Need a new bookkeeper? We can do that. Looking for plan benchmarking? We can do that, too. We pride ourselves on taking our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. To that end, we have a full-time fiduciary on staff, and we offer fiduciary education, training, and a range of fiduciary tools. We provide complimentary seminars plan for owners, bookkeepers, or HR professionals on how to run the plan, and we provide regular commentary to keep you apprised of the investment, industry, and market trends you should know about. Beyond this, we offer the all-important 404© compliance to help ensure you’re protected throughout the time we work for you.

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Corporate Cash/Asset Management

Cash In On Our Expertise

Business owners are often too busy running and growing their enterprises to pay attention to little details like corporate cash management. But, it’s the little details that can sometimes make the most significant differences between profits and losses. To ensure you maximize your profits, we’ll leverage our cash management expertise to look at the inflows and outflows of your business, and we’ll suggest short-term investments to help boost your returns.


Business Succession Planning/Key-Man Insurance Strategies

Keep An Eye On The Future

You’ve worked hard all your life to build a successful business, and someday you may want the next generation of leaders to take over while you enjoy the retirement for which you’ve worked so hard. Planning of this kind can be daunting and complex, but PRISM is here to help. We will work with you to develop a business succession plan to ensure a successful transition to new leadership. If you’re looking to sell your business or buy another one as part of your growth strategy, we can help with that too. Importantly, we can help you prepare for the unexpected with a range of key-man insurance strategies that ensures your family will be well-taken care of in the event you’re no longer able to do so.

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C-Suite Services

Because You Deserve It

Running a business takes a lot of time, often leaving little room to focus on a range of issues that can help you now and in the future. To that end, PRISM offers a range of C-Suite services our executive clients have found to be very helpful as they continue to run their enterprises. Our roster of C-Suite services includes bill payment, deferred compensation plans, executive compensation, and financial planning for executives and the creation of specific C-Suite plans. We also have a robust family office practice that can help you enjoy your hard-earned money without having to manage all of the intermediaries required to look after your wealth. We’ll help to develop your family goals, then coordinate your advisor teams and work with them to make sure they’re meeting those objectives. We’ll advise on philanthropic planning and perform diligence on investments held outside of our firm. What’s more, we can bring these services to net worth levels below the typical family office minimum.