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Individuals and Family Office

Before we launched PRISM Financial Strategies, we gave very careful thought to the type of financial advisory firm we wanted to be. What we didn’t want to be was all things to all people – a supermarket of services if you will, but rather a firm with deep specialties in select areas. To accomplish that, we assembled the best and the brightest team with specialized knowledge in those areas, and we’ve remained true to that model to this today. Read on to see the areas of advice and planning in which we specialize.

Shelly Schell and Amy Shroff

Women Investors

Take Control

Frequently, women face unique and complicated common life events that leave them in sole control of their finances. They tend to live longer than men, often they have fewer earning years, especially if they’re raising a family, and women typically earn less and save less than men. Does this sound like you? Our goal is to make the complex simple and anxiety a thing of the past. We do this by empowering you to be a prudent, confident, knowledgeable investor through the advice, education, and support we provide. And we do it in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to follow. Rest assured, once we have your plan in place, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Reach out to us. That’s your first step in taking control.

Man holding graph

Business Owners

It Takes a Team

As a successful business owner, you understand success is a team effort. You also know the majority of your time is spent building your enterprise, often leaving little room for other important things like focusing on your personal finances and planning for your financial future. That’s where we come in. Your PRISM team will help you take control of your business or personal financial planning in a way that leaves you in charge, with us, as fiduciaries, doing the hard work. And, if you’re planning to sell your business, we can help guide you through that, too. So, speak with us today to see how you can harness the power of our specialized approach. Your team is ready and waiting.

Jeff Engelman

Federal Employees

We’re Here For Your Benefit

As a federal employee, you are the recipient of a highly sophisticated, complex benefits program. That’s good news. The challenge is these programs often are under-served. As you look toward your retirement, we recommend you speak with a qualified PRISM financial planner who has specialized knowledge and experience with the federal benefits program. With us guiding you, the complex becomes simple, and a smooth journey to a happy retirement becomes a reality.



We Have Answers

Thinking about retiring can be a daunting experience. That’s because you’re probably finding yourself asking more questions than you have answers. When should I take Social Security? What about long-term care for my spouse and me? Will I run out of money? At PRISM, our retirement specialists have the answers to these questions and many others and can help navigate you smoothly through your pre-retirement phase. We’ll help you build your retirement savings, advise on asset management, reduce risk, minimize taxes, and address healthcare concerns. Give us a call today. We have the answers you’re seeking.

Holding hands


Enjoy What You’ve Earned

You have a lifetime of hard work behind you. You’ve planned, strategized and saved. Now you’re finally living the retirement you’ve dreamed of. Is it going to be smooth sailing from this point forward? No, not necessarily. To keep living the life you deserve, you need a plan, and it needs to be reviewed and refreshed regularly. Maybe there’re opportunities to reduce taxes, maximize returns, or preserve assets. A PRISM specialist can address these issues, making sure you’re in the best possible position to enjoy every day of the retirement you’ve worked for. Give us a call today, so we can help you get the most from what you’ve earned.

Family and friends

Family Offices

Put us to Work for You

Perhaps you’ve sold a business, received an inheritance, liquidated shares, or had some other major financial event that’s generated affluence. Maybe you want to enjoy your hard-earned money and don’t want to coordinate all of the intermediaries required to look after your wealth. If that’s you, turn to us. We’ll help to develop your family goals, then coordinate your advisor teams and work with them to make sure they’re meeting those objectives. We’ll advise on philanthropic planning and perform diligence on investments held outside of our firm. We’ll even pay your bills. What’s more, we can bring these services to net worth levels below the typical family office minimum. Welcome to your personal financial headquarters.