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When you work with PRISM, you’ll find yourself appreciating the best of both worlds: the resources, skill sets, and knowledge typically associated with larger organizations, meets hands-on, personalized care and attention of smaller, boutique firms.

At PRISM, every client is valuable, every relationship important, and every goal you have is our goal, too.

The value of being in the financial services industry as long as we have, serving institutions and individuals alike, is we know how to carefully and thoughtfully onboard a client. We maximize our resources around them and provide the best possible journey from the day they start with us to the eventual transfer of their assets. Speaking of journeys, this is what yours will look like when you work with PRISM.

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We like to think of this as the “getting to know you” stage of the journey.

It’s when we learn everything we can about you and the goals you have in mind for today and all your tomorrows. We’ll ask you a lot of questions, gather your financial information, and begin thinking about a customized strategy to get you where you most want to go. It’s also the time when we discover if we’re a good match for one another, and if we are, you can be assured of our commitment to your journey, every step of the way.

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At this stage, we dig even deeper into your current situation and assess your risk tolerance. 

Once we have those answers, we compare it to your financial goals to make sure they’re in alignment with one another. As necessary, we’ll make adjustments on the way to tailoring a plan just for you.

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After your personalized PRISM team has considered all the information you’ve provided to us, we will present our recommended strategies and solutions to you in an easily digestible format. 

You’re almost on your way.

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This where the rubber meets the road. 

You understand your customized plan and how it’s going to get your where you most want to go. Now, that plan becomes an integral part of your financial life. You’re truly on your way.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Perhaps the most essential component to help you achieve your goals, our ongoing monitoring will keep you on track throughout your journey.

Your PRISM team will continuously monitor and review your investment plan on an ongoing basis through a customized calendar of scheduled check-ins. We’ll track your progress and keep you aware of the market. Also, our team depends on you to keep us informed of what’s happening in your life, so we can make the appropriate changes to ensure your financial prosperity.