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Simplicity and Clarity to Complex Financial Issues

At PRISM Financial Strategies, we offer the same level of financial care a large firm can provide, but give you the benefit of individualized attention associated with smaller firms. We take pride in treating everyone fairly, no matter the size of your portfolio. During the planning process, we emphasize communication and education. Our belief is that you deserve to work with professionals who are focused on designing a well devised plan based upon your specific situation that will provide the greatest opportunity for success in meeting your financial goals.

Our Process:


1. Discovery

During our initial consultation we want to learn about you and what you consider most important, so that we can develop a customized financial strategy. A compatible relationship between advisor and client is an important component in our process. To discover if we are the right fit for one another, we will gather financial information surrounding your unique situation and discover the answers to questions such as: What are your long-term goals? Are you taking the right steps to reach your goals? What are your biggest concerns?


2. Analyze

We will perform an in-depth review of your current situation and assess your risk tolerance. Then we’ll compare it to your financial goals to make sure they align and make any necessary adjustments.


3. Presentation

It’s time to present our findings. Using our assessment of your current financial strengths and weaknesses, we will provide our recommended solutions in an organized, easy to comprehend strategy designed for financial success.


4. Implementation

Now that we’ve shown you a personalized strategy, we will assist you to put your financial plan into action. Our team will work with you to complete the necessary documentation to open and/or transfer accounts and we’ll cheer you on while you integrate your customized financial plan into your life.


5. Ongoing Monitoring

This may be the most important factor in determining your financial success. Our team will monitor and review your investment plan on an ongoing basis through a customized calendar of scheduled check-ins. We’ll track your progress and keep you aware of the market. In addition, our team depends on you to keep us informed of what’s happening in your life, so we can make the appropriate changes to ensure your financial prosperity.